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I would like to thank author Carolyn Rosewood for visiting my blog. She is generously offering a free copy of her book, “His Majesty’s Secret.” Please leave a comment and include your email address at the bottom. Carolyn will make a random selection for the recipient of “His Majesty’s Secret.” I love the book! I’m half-way through  and found her writing style enchanting.

His Majesty’s Secret by Carolyn Rosewood

I’m thrilled to announce I’m now a Siren-Bookstrand author! His Majesty’s Secret, my M/F fantasy romance set in an alternate universe that mirrors our Medieval period, is available from Siren-Bookstrand! I’m thrilled to be part of Siren, and to show my appreciation to my readers, I’m giving away a copy of His Majesty’s Secret today to one commenter!

BLURB: When his half brother Austin declares himself King, Crown Prince Dalmas of Ashdowne is forced to flee his castle or be put to death for treason. On his way to find proof Austin's claims are false, he prevents the imminent sexual assault of a beautiful young woman, killing Castle Guards in the process.
Fleeing a forced betrothal, Ravenna LoPresti of Wythmail finds herself a reluctant companion to sexy, lustful Dalmas on his journey to find the truth and win back his rightful Crown. While Austin and his Guards chase Dalmas, a Royal Proclamation declares a price on Ravenna's head as well.
Dalmas and Ravenna awaken each other's sexual desires, but will lust and growing love keep them together, even if they find the proof Dalmas needs? Or will Ravenna be forced to return to her kingdom and marry the Count, or be put to death for a murder she didn't commit?

ADULT EXCERPT: Ravenna didn’t realize she was crying until he brushed away her tears. When his mouth found hers again, she didn’t hesitate to return his kiss. He partially unlaced her dress, his fingers trailing down her spine, white-hot against her skin. His tongue flicked down her neck and across one shoulder, then the other.
She reached for his tunic, but he caught her hands and pinned them to her sides. “Me first,” he whispered, a wicked grin on his face.
“Am I not to move, Highness?” Ravenna shivered as he held her wrists firm.
“Keep your hands at your side, or I’ll put you over my knee.”
She couldn’t help the moan that escaped her lips as he gently pushed the dress over her breasts and arms until the fabric reached her wrists. She held her arms still, although the thought of moving them so he’d follow through on his threat to spank her sent waves of desire straight to her pussy.
He knelt in front of her and took her breasts in his hands, pushing them together. When he ran his teeth and tongue over her nipples as he had earlier by the stream, she cried out, clenching her thighs together. She was so close to an orgasm all she had to do was move the right way. Did he know? Was he doing this on purpose, making her wait? “Dalmas, please.”
He looked up, his eyes smoky with lust. “You’re very impatient, girl of Wythmail.”
When he smacked her on the left ass cheek, she yelped, more from surprise than anything. She barely felt his hand through the fabric of the skirt, but her pussy became so wet her juices started to trickle down her thighs.
He returned his attention to her nipples, and she had to dig her nails into her palms to keep from grabbing a fistful of his hair to push his mouth closer. The thought of a spanking competed with her desire to see what else he had planned for her.
“You may move your arms, but only to allow the dress to fall.” He pushed the fabric down to her ankles. “Now keep your arms at your sides again or you’ll get more of this.” He smacked her hard, once on each ass cheek.
Oh, Stars of Rohesia. “Dalmas, please...” She looked into his handsome face to find him grinning.
“Am I to understand you like that, Ravenna?”
She was grateful for the low light, for she knew a fierce blush covered her face. “Yes,” she whispered.
“I shall have to remember that.” He stood and retrieved a blanket, which he spread on the ground in front of her. “Move your legs apart a bit.”
She did as he asked. His tongue traced a line of liquid fire over her abdomen then down to her wetness, flicking her clit, teasing. Her palms became damp and numb from pressing them against her hips to keep from moving. Incomprehensible sounds escaped her throat. His tongue alternated between lapping inside her pussy and flicking her clit until she was ready to explode. She’d reached the point where she couldn’t take anymore when he took her entire clitoris into his mouth and sucked hard, slipping two fingers inside her at the same time.
She screamed and dug her hands into his hair, grinding her hips into his face as an intense orgasm spread through her, shocking her with wave after wave of hot fire. It went on for long minutes. Even her legs trembled.
He lowered her to the blanket and laid her face down, then took her arms and put them over her head, holding both wrists with one strong hand, just as he had the first day.
“I told you not to move,” he said, a smile in his voice.
She tensed in anticipation. He spanked each cheek several times and it stung, but it also sent a flood of desire through her like nothing ever had. He let go of her wrists, and she heard the rustle of clothing.
“Please, Dalmas. Let me touch you. Let me see you.”
“Not tonight. You’re being punished.”
He wrapped his tunic loosely around her wrists. “Tell me if this is too tight. I don’t wish to harm you.”
Ravenna could barely catch her breath. Another orgasm was building, and all he’d done was spank her and bind her wrists with a piece of cloth from which she could easily break free.
He massaged her ass, smacking her every so often, though not as hard as before. He reached around and played with her nipples, then slipped a hand underneath to stroke her clit. She tried to grind into his hand, but with her arms overhead all she could do was lie there and let him take control. It was exhilarating to give into him, and it left her dizzy with anticipation and desire.
“You’re so beautiful, Ravenna. If we were at the castle we’d never leave my bed.”
She moaned and writhed, trying to bring on her climax. Finally she felt his cock tease the opening to her wetness, circling it, prodding ever so slightly then withdrawing. He kept one hand under her, and when he suddenly plunged inside, she let out a scream as a strong orgasm rocked her.
He thrust slowly, forcing her to slow down and wait for him. Both hands reached under to cup her breasts. His thrusting gradually increased until finally he pistoned in and out with speed she wouldn’t have thought possible. His breath was hot on her back, and when she came again, he joined her, his spasms going on for long moments.

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Editor's Note: "Strictly Business" is available for pre-sale May 24th. Link may not work until then.

I would like to welcome Missy Lyons author of “Bareback on the Beach”, “Party for Three” and “Lynne’s Love Triangle.” Missy how long have you been writing romance novels? What led you to this particular form of art?

Thank you for inviting me to be here, Camile! I started writing my first romance book when I was ten, it was more like a fairy tale than anything with unicorns and fairies and one cute little prince, but I actually got published for the first time in 2006. So it’s probably safe to say I have been writing for most my life. However, I have only been published for the last 6 years or so. I have come from a family that encouraged creativity and my artistic skills, but since I loved to read it seemed natural to want to carryover that skill and try to write a book. (In my teenage years I could almost always be found with my nose buried in a book.) My father is a screenwriter and he was a big supporter when I first began to write. I stopped when I got married and focused on my family and my career. Then I had just been accepted to a nursing school and I was so excited about it, but with nowhere to put my energy yet, I came back to this creative outlet. I wrote about dragons and druids and kickass women that could wield a sword as good as any man and Dragon Heat was born. I didn’t finish nursing school, but I am still living a dream and I have never looked back.

2. Congratulations on your new releases. You are quite the prolific writer. Can you give us a hint as to what we will read in your new novel?

In Strictly Business, Susannah is being forced to find a stud to be the father of her children or she will lose her inheritance and access to her trust fund. Susannah is strong willed and career driven but she hasn’t been ignoring her love life because she wanted to, it’s all dried up because she is tired of guys trying to use her or make friends with her father. She really needs a man who will love her and she finds that man in an exotic Caribbean resort, but when her secret is out that she is really just after getting pregnant in the tabloids she isn’t sure he would ever welcome her back into his arms. 

3. Who is your most memorable character? Is this character based on a real life person?

This is a hard question to answer because it is hard to pick a favorite character. I remember all my books and all my characters. I like to give them quirks that make them memorable. For instance, Susannah in Strictly Business was kidnapped as a small child so she is now afraid of the flying and getting in large crowds gives her a claustrophobic feeling that terrifies her. Yet I think everyone can relate to the overprotective parents and a mother that wants grandchildren so her melodramatic mother isn’t all that special. After about five years of marriage, my mother-in-law became very blunt in how she asked me when we planned to have kids.

But my favorite character is always in the book I am writing as I am discovering their personality take life. I try very hard not to base my characters on anyone I know even if some similar traits may come out.  

4. What expectations or dreams do you have for yourself as an author?

I am not extremely career driven and happy where I am now as a primarily ebook author. I have a family with young children that demand a lot of time and attention but as they get to school age I hope to become more prolific and expand on some series that I have started but never finished. My real problem is that I don’t write fast enough. I feel like I am four books behind what I want to write.

I plan to reinvest in myself and continue to improve my storytelling skills with classes and by reading a lot and learning from other authors. I may never get to be a Nora Roberts in the romance business but I don’t want my fans to ever get bored. So I plan to keep my writing fresh and exciting.  

5. What projects are you working on next? Can you give us a sneak peek into the mind of a bestselling and highly regarded romance writer?

I have a couple things planned. I am working on a series of sexy shark shifters this summer after I finish up this Alien abduction story. It’s going to be a fun summer. *grins

6. Just for fun, what is your extreme self-indulgence?

Chocolate covered strawberries. When strawberries are in season, I love them and it’s what my husband got me for Mother’s Day shipped overnight from California. He can be such a sweetheart.

***And now for your reading pleasure, here is a never before seen snippet from Strictly Business:

Susannah flipped open her smutty romance book and pretended to not pay attention as the plane filled up with people slowly. She didn’t want to be forced into a conversation just to be polite to the person next to her and they would get the hint if she was nose deep in a book.

Curiosity got the best of her when her neighbor sat down next to her, however. She glanced up to see a very un-business like man. Sexy in a bad boy kind of way, totally not the kind of guy she’d ever go for, but sexy just the same and that dismissing glance he gave her was just cocky enough to know it.

It was not unusual for a Texan to be wearing a cowboy hat, but when he removed it to reveal his mussed brown hair, he was better looking if possible. Like he just got out of bed kind of messy. Damn, but that shouldn’t be possible.

Not that she cared. Nothing if the strange attraction she felt for this stranger would ever come to fruition. She was never that lucky, and he was so not her type it wasn’t funny.

This wasn’t the preppy boys who went to her country club and talked about the stock market. She imagined he’d be at home on the back of a motorcycle as he was here in a plane full of people. His black shirt clung to his chest, advertising a heavy metal band that she didn’t recognize amidst skulls and blood. A snake wrapped itself around his bicep. He had a tattoo for Christ’s sake.

This was not the type of guy she could bring home to meet mom and Dad at Christmas. He was good for one night of hot sweaty sex and then it would be austa la vista and on to his next conquest and she would be just as forgotten as yesterday’s news, but it would solve her little problem of finding a loophole to get control of her trust fund without a marriage proposal.

This guy was so far off her radar, he likely didn’t even recognize her name or her face from the weekly tabloids. So he wouldn’t have a clue she was one of the heirs to a fortune in oil and he wouldn’t be trying to sleep with her to get her money.

He just liked her because…because he must have felt an attraction to her physically. Which was a total turn on.
A heat swept through her body and straight between her legs as if that thought hit the magic on button. She clamped her legs shut and turned away from the man, noting he smelled as good as he looked.

Would he taste just as good?

God, what was she thinking? Crazy. This was just too crazy for words.  

Quickly, she returned to reading her book, hoping he wouldn’t notice the burn of her cheeks.

She tried to concentrate—honestly but his sweet aftershave infiltrated her defense and she found it hard to concentrate on her book with the heaving bosoms of the heroine and all the heavy breathing going on.
Hope you all enjoyed that little excerpt. Remember Strictly Business will be available for pre-order at 15% off May 22 and available to download May 31. You can pick up your copy here:

but you can see all my books available from Bookstrand here:

Thank you again for having me out today Camile! Just for fun, I am going to the places that readers can find me online.

Website: www.missylyons
Twitter: @missylyons

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Guest Author India Damaris

Please welcome India Damaris writer, artisan, photographer and entrepreneur.
India, you are not a romance writer but your novel Till You and I Found Us is certainly a passionate read. Where did you find your inspiration?
My inspiration is sucked out of my everyday life pores. Life pores that envelope because what we know we are taught, and also Life pores that exist', because time carries on. Life is a pattern. In my novel I accentuate the pattern of life sequences in a visually creative atmosphere where one can adapt, grow and understand "with" the characters.
Your style of writing enables the characters to lead the reading audience, how did you come about your genre and technique?
In my experience of reading hundreds of books in my youth; I know that characters who are based on complete individuality while learning to exist in a role play of intricacy, are interesting, captivating and "moving" throughout the story line. If it is a train, It need be a train!
Are you working on a new book? Tell us about your upcoming writing ventures.
I have started my next novel and will continue to work on it. Also, being an artist I have many canvas's in production. I do have a screen play in the works of my 1st novel and hope to progress with that project's completion end of 2012 for screen play producers.
You are an accomplished artisan. I love your prints, photos and knit work. How do you have time to do everything, and do it so well? Tell us about your passions and ideas.
Growing up in a all nations immigrant community, I was a child of curiosity in general and being outgoing learned many valuable lessons in life and was privileged to hear true stories of immigration and family heritage. Along with this was the artisan side of passed down traditions and livelihood necessity. Through my step great Aunt and various school teachers, babysitter employers, part time family, city jobs, and my entrepreneurship I developed a versatile palette of panache to hold down summer gigs with a card table, money change out box, yarn, and goods I had been crafting for a few winter months.
In the one pony touristy town I grew up in, I did very well for a minor talent and learned some valuable business lessons being a solo artist. My step parents had a music / appliance store and I was solely left alone running it at the age of 10+ as they had other jobs as well as I was in charge of my half brother 10 yrs younger. I learned to deal with the public customers on 2 different levels; retail and arts and crafts. I still held down 3 other jobs with the city, babysitting, my music/guitar. So this versatility expanded my creativity visually as well as intellectually.
Responsibility taught me to be clever so I could spend less time at home which wasn't a great place to be and the reward of creative responsibility was money earned which enabled me to set goals so I could have more money for what I lived for; my blessed talent of vision. "We do as we are dealt with."
If you could move your life in any direction, what would it be?
To further the path of found and lost souls into life events while learning the importance of each lesson along the way whether that be as an adult or child. Art teaches and it also lends, thus is a expressional and healing attribute of self.
When we first met, you were hoping to make it to the beaches of the Pacific Coast. How close are you to that goal and what are you doing to make your dreams come true?
Daily I network on Linked In and Facebook/Twitter and various other networks, that I have my art for sale yet the world right now is in a flux and artists are suffering so in that sense, with every breath I take is to be closer to that goal. Financially getting there is a fantastic obstacle yet as my age tacks on; it is a pipeline dream that one has just to discover. As a life coach, I say to the audience; "You are your strongest weakness". Act accordingly.
Please share your latest creations, ideas, hopes and dreams.
"Uno" hope is to feel the worlds' embrace in my heart so that I may burst into a new planet and that it may be known as "Fail Proof". As for my ideas and dreams, I persevere with the talent I have been bestowed to share with you my creations, writings and humor so I may be remembered for advancing one's closed mind!
Thank you for your time. You are one of the busiest women I know. I wish you the very best in all of your endeavors.

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Chocolate and Roses Blog Hop
May 5th - May 9th

Chocolate and Rose Blog Hop!

Chocolates and Roses…is there anything more romantic? A tub of rose petals, a single red rose, a bed of rose blossoms, or an intimate walk and perhaps more in a rose garden.

Feeding decadent chocolates to your partner, pouring chocolate syrup on flesh, lapping up the sweetness of your lover’s chocolate soaked body…. Ah romance!

What’s more delightful than the combination of roses and chocolates? Winning a copy of my two books “Lovers and Saints” and “Midnight’s Last Light.” Or winning a $25 Visa Card, or for readers that refer traffic to this blog – a piece of designer inspired jewelry.

Comment below and leave your email address in case you win.

If you were recommended by another reader – post their name. Ex: (I was referred by _____). A special prize will be awarded to the reader that directs the most traffic to this blog. (Readers that recommend this post – please message me at camilecarson.com so I can log your progress and award your prize.

If 30 or more comments are listed, an additional prize of a $25 Visa card will be randomly picked.
Visit these blogs for more chances to win. Each blog will be hosting a different giveaway. Share with your friends. 

14. Erin Simone Sanchez 

Here's the legal mumbo jumbo: 
- Entering this contest means you have read, understood, and agree with all rules and regulations stated.- Entrants must be 18 or older (or age of majority in your country) to enter and to win.- No purchase necessary.- Void where prohibited.- All stated rules are subject to change without notification or reason given.- Chances of winning vary widely based on the number of entries received.- Prize is as stated. No substitutions or exchanges.
- Contest host is not responsible to misrepresented/mistyped email addresses, spam filters, mailer daemons, and other internet wackiness that may crop up at the time of winner notification.

- Winner is final.- Contest Starts 00:01ESTMay 5th and Ends 12:59EST May 9th and open to International participants- Winner will be notified via email no later than 10:00EST May 10th -Respond by date to collect prize is 14 day, 12:59EST May 24th

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Guest Author AJ Jarrett

My guest today is AJ Jarrett, author of Set Me On Fire. Please welcome her and post any comments or questions below.

Hello to everyone and a big thank you to Camile for having me today. I just recently had a book released through Silver Publishing titled Set Me On Fire. It’s a contemporary romance between to male firefighters, Kelly Lynch and Nate Anderson. Both characters are strong willed and can’t seem to come to a compromise when it comes to their relationship.
Nate is the older of the two and has been a firefighter far longer than Kelly. The only thing important to Nate is keeping the people he loves safe and that includes Kelly. Kelly on the other hand is young and headstrong. He knows what he wants out of life and isn’t afraid to make his dreams come true.
I based my characters after my husband and mines relationship. He’s the big protector who constantly worries about me. Where I’m the one always taking chances to try things out without thought to my own wellbeing. Granted my husband and I aren’t firefighters but the same elements apply like in all relationships. If everyone was the same life would be boring. Being in love is full of surprises that pop up every day and makes finding that special person all worth it in the end. That’s why I love writing about characters that have struggles and differences because it makes when they do finally come together so much more exciting.
Thanks again Camile for having me and to everyone who was able to stop by. Hope the rest of the week treats you well!

Kelly Lynch wanted to become a firefighter to help people, but with his accident prone nature his boss, Nate Anderson, thinks he’s an utter fool. Kelly never planned to fall for Nate but now that he has, he realizes loving is easy; understanding and compromise are hard.

Nate has been attracted to Kelly since his first day at the station house. Watching the younger man day in and day out is frustrating. Kelly’s latest stunt almost got him killed and Nate fears losing the man of his dreams.

Will Nate’s demanding ways cause the embers of their love to die out? Or will Kelly prove he has what it takes to be with Nate, at work and in the bedroom?

Story Excerpt
"God, I swear if you get me out of this mess I promise to listen and follow orders for the rest of my life, or at least make the effort to try," Kelly prayed aloud as he crawled, belly down, across the dirty floor. He was doing his best to see through the smoke-filled room but still couldn't find where he'd entered.
Kelly scooted a little more, using touch more than sight to navigate his way through the smoky haze and chunks of debris. He had separated from the team of men he'd come into the burning building with. A choice he now regretted immensely.
He had made a stupid move, but he could have sworn he'd heard someone cry out for help. A completely bonehead move to run off without telling anyone. One of the first things they taught you when you became a firefighter, never leave your team, or at least partner with someone else, but never go off on your own.
But no, he thought he knew better and wanted to be the hero and save the poor individual stuck in this fire pit. Now he was starting to wonder if he'd just imagined he heard the cry for help.
"I'm so fucked." Kelly rested his helmet-covered head on the ground and then proceeded to bang his head on the hard floor. It was useless, he was trapped.
Kelly sat up at the sound of someone yelling his name. What direction had the voice come from? He couldn't tell. The sound was so faint compared to all the hissing and crackling noises of the fire in full blaze all around him.
"God damn it, Lynch, where are you?"
He heard the shout again, only louder. Kelly felt his way around the floor until he came face to face with a boot. He started to look up when large, glove-covered hands grabbed the back of his jacket.
"What do you think you were doing, you dumb shit? You're lucky we noticed you missing."
Kelly could tell by the size of the man dragging him out of the entryway that it was Luke Parsons, one of the biggest guys in the house. He may be a big beefy guy, but he was super nice, and Kelly couldn't have been more grateful Luke found him and not the lieutenant of their station house.
"I'm sorry but I thought I heard someone call out for help." Kelly grabbed at Parsons' hand, still attached to Kelly's jacket, dragging him along. "Please, Luke, I know I heard someone," he pleaded as he tried to pull himself free of Luke's hold.
The fire raged through an abandoned building in the East Bottoms of downtown Kansas City. While the only people in this building were more than likely homeless, they were still people who needed to be saved.
"Are you sure, kid?" Kelly nodded enthusiastically. "Okay then let's see what we can find. We don't have much time; this building is going up faster than a hay bale."
As Kelly followed Luke back into the room, the sound of a faint cry grabbed both their attention. Luke pushed Kelly behind him as he made his way toward the small whimpering sounds. As they got closer, Kelly saw the slight frame of a man huddled in the corner. Luke bent down and snatched the man up in his arms.
Luke looked to Kelly. "Lead the way. Follow the way we just came and you'll see the crew in the hallway."
Kelly navigated through the smoke and falling ceiling tiles toward the exit. As he reached the doorway the hall was empty. He turned back to Luke. "They're not here." Panic started to eat away at his composure.
"Shit," Luke shouted. "Here, kid, take my radio and let the guys know we're coming out with another man in tow. They need to have paramedics ready for this guy."
"You know the way out?" Luke nodded as Kelly took the offered radio and lifted his face shield. "This is Lynch and Parsons. We got a survivor and we're coming out."
"Copy that, son. Make your way out fast. We just got the order to clear the building and let it burn. Move your asses now."
He looked back to Luke. "You get that?"
"Yep. Head out the door and the stairs are on the right. We need to go up one flight then a little ways down we’ll come to a set of double doors and that will take us outside." Kelly watched as Luke hefted the man higher on his shoulder. “Start moving.”
Kelly nodded his understanding and made his way toward freedom. Times like this he questioned why he wanted to be a firefighter. No one in his family was one, so it wasn't about carrying on a legacy or some shit.
As he pushed the door open with his shoulder, he was greeted by sunlight streaking through the smoky clouds rolling off the burning building. He looked back toward Luke, the man he was carrying appeared passed out over his shoulder. That was why Kelly had chosen this profession. He wanted to make a difference. Have a job he could be proud of.
"Over here."
Kelly and Luke walked right over to the ambulance and deposited the man with the paramedics. They then made their way over to the engine where the rest of the crew stood watching the fire burn. Kelly flipped up his face mask and removed his helmet. Then he took off his jacket, tucked the heavy material under his arm, and stared up at the building. If Luke hadn't found him, Kelly would be one crispy critter right about now.
"What the fuck were you thinking?"
Someone grabbed Kelly by the shoulders and threw him up against the side of the truck, causing him to bump the back of his head hard against the metal door. When his vision cleared he saw Nate Anderson, lieutenant of station house sixteen, standing right in front of him with the attitude Kelly had hoped to avoid.
"Hey, Nate, back the fuck up." Luke pushed himself between him and Nate. "If it wasn't for Kelly, that man over there would be dead."
Nate took a step back and looked toward the ambulance where the man was being triaged. Kelly could see the vein pulsing at Nate's temple. He wasn't happy and Kelly knew he would be hearing all about that unhappiness later.
Nate looked back at him over Luke's shoulder. "You and I will talk about this back at the station house." Nate pointed a finger at him and then walked away.
He was so screwed. Every time he made a mistake Nate made sure to tell him how and why he screwed up. Granted, it was Nate's job to go over the mistakes they made so they could learn from their errors, but his lectures were becoming a broken record. Kelly wasn't looking forward to this discussion.

Author Bio
AJ Jarrett currently lives in the Midwest with her husband and four children. A lover of M/M romances she has started writing her own stories for others to enjoy. She loves her characters to be antagonistic toward one another but ultimately find their happy ever after. She believes love can be found in the craziest of places and a little humor along the way never hurt, plus to her there’s nothing sexier than two men finding their soul mate and falling in love. When she isn’t chasing around her kids she can be found sitting on the couch with her trusted laptop giving life to the voices in her head. She currently has books published through Silver Publishing and Siren Publishing.

Page Link for Silver
Page Link for Siren


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Due to an error on my end, AJ Jarrett's Guest Interview will be next week. My deepest apologies to AJ and the readers for the inconvenience.

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May 16th - Interview with guest artisan and writer India Damaris
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