Monday, May 14, 2012

Guest Author India Damaris

Please welcome India Damaris writer, artisan, photographer and entrepreneur.
India, you are not a romance writer but your novel Till You and I Found Us is certainly a passionate read. Where did you find your inspiration?
My inspiration is sucked out of my everyday life pores. Life pores that envelope because what we know we are taught, and also Life pores that exist', because time carries on. Life is a pattern. In my novel I accentuate the pattern of life sequences in a visually creative atmosphere where one can adapt, grow and understand "with" the characters.
Your style of writing enables the characters to lead the reading audience, how did you come about your genre and technique?
In my experience of reading hundreds of books in my youth; I know that characters who are based on complete individuality while learning to exist in a role play of intricacy, are interesting, captivating and "moving" throughout the story line. If it is a train, It need be a train!
Are you working on a new book? Tell us about your upcoming writing ventures.
I have started my next novel and will continue to work on it. Also, being an artist I have many canvas's in production. I do have a screen play in the works of my 1st novel and hope to progress with that project's completion end of 2012 for screen play producers.
You are an accomplished artisan. I love your prints, photos and knit work. How do you have time to do everything, and do it so well? Tell us about your passions and ideas.
Growing up in a all nations immigrant community, I was a child of curiosity in general and being outgoing learned many valuable lessons in life and was privileged to hear true stories of immigration and family heritage. Along with this was the artisan side of passed down traditions and livelihood necessity. Through my step great Aunt and various school teachers, babysitter employers, part time family, city jobs, and my entrepreneurship I developed a versatile palette of panache to hold down summer gigs with a card table, money change out box, yarn, and goods I had been crafting for a few winter months.
In the one pony touristy town I grew up in, I did very well for a minor talent and learned some valuable business lessons being a solo artist. My step parents had a music / appliance store and I was solely left alone running it at the age of 10+ as they had other jobs as well as I was in charge of my half brother 10 yrs younger. I learned to deal with the public customers on 2 different levels; retail and arts and crafts. I still held down 3 other jobs with the city, babysitting, my music/guitar. So this versatility expanded my creativity visually as well as intellectually.
Responsibility taught me to be clever so I could spend less time at home which wasn't a great place to be and the reward of creative responsibility was money earned which enabled me to set goals so I could have more money for what I lived for; my blessed talent of vision. "We do as we are dealt with."
If you could move your life in any direction, what would it be?
To further the path of found and lost souls into life events while learning the importance of each lesson along the way whether that be as an adult or child. Art teaches and it also lends, thus is a expressional and healing attribute of self.
When we first met, you were hoping to make it to the beaches of the Pacific Coast. How close are you to that goal and what are you doing to make your dreams come true?
Daily I network on Linked In and Facebook/Twitter and various other networks, that I have my art for sale yet the world right now is in a flux and artists are suffering so in that sense, with every breath I take is to be closer to that goal. Financially getting there is a fantastic obstacle yet as my age tacks on; it is a pipeline dream that one has just to discover. As a life coach, I say to the audience; "You are your strongest weakness". Act accordingly.
Please share your latest creations, ideas, hopes and dreams.
"Uno" hope is to feel the worlds' embrace in my heart so that I may burst into a new planet and that it may be known as "Fail Proof". As for my ideas and dreams, I persevere with the talent I have been bestowed to share with you my creations, writings and humor so I may be remembered for advancing one's closed mind!
Thank you for your time. You are one of the busiest women I know. I wish you the very best in all of your endeavors.


  1. Great interview with India, Camile. I have always been intrigued with screenplays. My hats off to those who have the ability to write them, since the format is so much different. :)

  2. I am thrilled to have India here. She is an inspiration to me. Thanks so much for stopping by Nicole.

  3. Camile>you ROCKnROLLitOVER,SISTER~xoxoxo~IndiaEm