Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jewelry Contest!!!!!!!!!

What do women love? Romance books and jewelry! Follow this blog and you have a chance to win this beautiful Tiffany inspired set. Of course it's not real Tiffany, or I'd be wearing it! All those who are already following me will be entered automatically.

Enter by following this blog. A random winner will be selected March 18th. The winner will be notified and announced on March 19th.

Follow along, you may be wearing a pretty piece of jewelry just for checking out my blog. Subtle persuasion at its best!


  1. Hi Camile!!

    Wow, romance novels and jewellery!! What woman wouldn't like that!! I wish you great success with your writing and you blog :)

    Just in case I'm lucky enough to be chosen as the winner, here is my email:

    daisydunn22 at gmail dot com


    Daisy Dunn

  2. Awesome! Thanks Daisy....I think the two go together quite well.
    Hugs back